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Ready to get started?  Here's how.

It's easy.  Click HERE to create your account.  You will be able to schedule lessons, register for classes, programs, and make payments to your account.

Can I come in anytime and hit/throw?

As long as we are open!  If you are a Member, yes, as long as there is an available cage and/or throwing lane.

Non-members can rent cages for a small fee.



Do you have a Lost & Found?

Please check with the Front Desk for lost items.


Do I need cleats for the field or inside?

Inside the facility, players should wear athletic shoes.

On the field, we only allow athletic shoes, rubber or molded cleats.



Do parents have to stay while their child comes to workout?

As long as you are okay with leaving them here to get their work in, then we are okay with it, however, we do urge parents to stay and enjoy our air-conditioned lobby and free wi-fi while your child is working out.

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