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Dedication and Commitment transfer Dreams into Realities

Home Plate Players making their Dreams come True

Home Plate Alumni selected to MLB Draft

Cam Bedrosian - drafted in the 1st Round and the 29th pick Overall. He was drafted as a RHP to the LA Angels out of East Coweta High School. 


Myles Jaye - drafted in the 17th round to the Toronto Blue Jays as a RHP out of Starrs Mill High School. He was acquired by the Chicago White Sox on January 1, 2012.

David Buchanan -   drafted in 2010 by the Philadelphia Pillies in the 7th round from Georgia State University. 

Joey Lewis - drafted in 2009 by the Kansas City Royals in the 41st round out of The University of Georgia.

Hayes Heinecke - drafted in 2021 in 13th round

Chase Walters - drafted in 2020 by the Tampa Rays

Coleman Crow - drafted in 2019 by the Angels

Duke Kinamon - drafted in 2019 by the Tampa Bay

Tristan English - drafted in 2019 by the Diamondbacks

Blake Whitney - 2018 drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the 24th round

Andrew Robinson - drafted in the 12th round to the Houston Astros out of Georgia Tech.

Renaldo Jenkins - drafted by the Milwaukee Brewers in the 19th round in 2011 out of Whitewater High School.

Spencer Shelton - signed by the Chicago White Sox as a free agent on July 12, 2010.

Miles Head - drafted in 2009 by the Boston Red Sox in the 26th Round out of Whitewater High School.

Chandler Raiden - 2018 drafted by the Tampa Rays

Aubrey McCarty - 2017drafted by the Colorado Rockies

Ryan Puerifoy - drafted in 2017 by the Pittsburgh Pirates as an outfielder after finishing his career at Georgia Tech

Chris Carden - 2017 drafted by the Tampa Rays

Terriez Fuller - drafted in 2017 by the Angels

Artemis Khadkhodaian - 2017 drafted by the Angels

Armond Upshaw - 2016 drafted by the Nationals in the 11th round

Travis Bergen - drafted in 2015 by the Toronta

Brennan Morgan - drafted 2016 by the Angels as a catcher after finishing his career at Kennesaw State

Cornelius Randolph - 2015 drafted 10th pick by the Phillies

Jack Duffy- 2010 drafted by the Detroit Tigers in the 28th round

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